Transfers & Fees

Ammo Transfer - No limit/Per Shipment/Per Distributor     $15
Long Gun Transfer       $30
Handgun Transfer     $35
Personal Transfer Long Gun - In/15 out     $15
Personal Transfer Hand Gun - In/20 out     $20

Shipping Firearms Transfer Fee

Packaging of Firearm

Plus Carrier Cost: (UPS, FedEx, USPS)

*Any Overages on the Carrier Cost will be refunded





Returning a Non-Compliant Firearm     $30
Law Enforcement Assault Weapon Transfer Fee     $40

Suffolk County Property Pick-up

+ Transfer Fee/Per Firearm


Due to the increase in Firearm deliveries, there will be no same day pick-up.
**Please track your firearm purchases... as Jerry's Firearms & Supplies sole duty is to facilitate the transfer.**